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Concert ‘10

宽中还是宽中, 坤成还是坤成, 哈哈.
怎么从我们毕业开始, 宽中的曲目越来越少了啊,
其中有一首我最记得的, S 字头的 march. 很恶心… = =+
不是你们吹到不好啦, 应该是歌本来就不好听.

坤成好像退步了一点, 可能是以前的那个 jiawen 跟 yihui 不在了的关系吧.
也可能是我对 phantom of the opera 那首歌要求高了一些.
他们 flute 不错.
呵呵, 勤豪跟善毅, owning~~~
可是毕业了明年没有了剩下两把要怎样我不懂. 加油吧. >”<
大合奏很 perfect 咯整个就是.
我觉得以后不要分开表演了啦, 直接来个联合音乐会算了. :P
老了我. 现在都已经少过一半认识的了,
明年… 应该一只手的手指都够算完吧.

ha who what 很废, 可是很 high.
PS: 晓金的相机很老牙, 照片全部蒙蒙的.


Shit, why I got an X there!?!? walao~
Whole unit I’m the only one got a supp.
What about others? All failed? Or passed?
They set the supp exam date at 24th, and my exchange want me to be present on 22nd.
Dunno how liao now. sienz…

Virus Email?? Spam???

最近常常收到不知名的 email.
很奇怪的是, 不懂作末明明 To 那边都不是我的 email, 为什么我会收到.
我的 email 又不是什么 moon shadow 的.
我 save 那个 attachment 下来然后用 antivirus scan hor.

还有是, 今天早上我的 gmail 收到酱的信息. 哈哈
要不要拿照片?? :P

Isn’t That Love?

end liao end liao my semester

back liao back liao me,
at jb beberapa days liao,
start work liao, start blog liao.
just format recently, at Miri,
so many thing need install and upload.
First thing first, follow up those past memories.

My last lecture photo in Miri, is DS.
No take dao photo with Terence. >”<
Yea, the only one so hyper is me.
Funny people them so upload in facebook liao tag Melissa somemore lol~

After exam we went for Brunei. Escapade sushi again lor~
That’s the only reason for Brunei wud.
I think this Unagi best represent sushi liao haha,
taken by Billy. <—- references :P
Then… Supasave Redondo~~~~~~
After that we went for the beach again.
this time the weather not so nice, not like last time.
Well, because we had nowhere to go, and Alex din go before,
so… go lor~
but we do had some nice photos, haha.
Pattern a lot ar us :P
CS4 New album: Storm.
Please comea and support us. hahahahaha
Alex 单飞. hahahahahahahaha
This also can be album cover de, but lazy design liao. :P
Happy sushi trip~~~

Before shabu-shabu and after sushi, ASD went to bowling~~~
ASD guess who?
See? really is ASD, I no bluff you. wahahha
Play until fingernail also broken >”<
Later that day, we went to D’s house to play Wii,
wahaha finally I got to touch that kind to expensive technology.
So rich wor that D.
Conclusion: I hate Mario. = =+

Buffet night~
Although I was so broke, I still went for the RM54 buffet. @_@
This pic I took on the road. It looks so cool I just want to share it haha.
The place we had buffet. Imperial Hotel~~~
Later, we go and have ice-cream for deserts~~~
LiPeng’s treat~~~ wow~~~~
First time ever in my lifetime, I saw people eat cone ice-cream with a spoon. LoL~~~
Everyone just chit-chat, talk about James’ big stomach,
Kwan and James’ interview,
Li Peng’s life story etc.
Suddenly, a wowwwwwww, I had a coca-cola’s ex-software engineer as a classmate~
Start a company at 20… so pro~
My YouBloog can’t compare >”<

Last activity at Miri. Happy Birthday Daphne and Happy Farewell Me.
At Shabu-Shabu!!!
So many words on a small cake. LoL~
Happy Birthday Daphne~~~ 3rd cake of the day. xD
People born at 23rd of every month are all lengzai and lenglui.
hahaha :P
Dunno why, I got to murder the cake also.
Happy shabu-shabu-ing~~~~~

Just formatted my laptop last week.
To be exact, it’s just a restore to factory default.
Well, it’s the same lar, clean can liao.
Paid 150 points to a member in powerdiscuss, and asked her to design a new wallpaper for me.
baobei faster come back~~~
then can go pato 凹(^3^) ~yo