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Black Skin Cow Ear

哈哈记得前年我还 list 过一个 christmas list:
还有一个 new year resolution:
首先, 看看我有什么愿望实现了…
My Christmas List:
1) Digital Camera (买了咯~ Lumix!)
2) Sony PSP (没买到 >”< 我还是很想要. 谁要送我生日礼物??? :P)
3) A book about PHP & APACHE/MySQL (不需要了~ 我自己 online 学会了. 呵呵~)
4) A car/bike (no money buy. no win lucky draw. no santa. so no.)
5) A better laptop (Got One!!! But not sure about Starcraft II lol)
6) A cute girlfriend (muakzzz~)
Next 是我的 new year resolution 2009:
1) Stop coughing… (Stopped long time ago I think = =+)
2) Finish bloggin last year’s stuff… (This last year means 2008 lar, done!)
3) Draft a new year resolution (For 2009 de lar, done too)
4) Upload s3o6’s photos and video. (Shit, the video still not done. walao)
5) Upload last year’s stuff to my multiply. (Done)
6) Learn to make a near perfect voodoo doll. (Never made one since last year = =+)
7) Make YouBloog hosting a success. (Erm… = =+)
8) Finish reading (and mastering) the java GUI book I bought in 2007. (Ermmmm… = =+)
9) Survive Alpha Century IV of o2mania. (Can’t = =+)
10) Cut my front hair before next meeting with Evangel. (Done!!!)

2010 了, 来写写今年的愿望跟 resolution 吧~
2010 宏愿:
1) Still the same, Sony PSP!!!
2) Still the same, Car/Bike!!!
3) Win the Open Source Competition 2009!!! So slow de lor the result haven release. = =+
2010 new year resolution:
1) Graduate!!!
2) Find a good job!!!
3) Revive YouBloog!!!
没有了. = =+
作末今年那么没愿望没志气啊? = =+
一定是被宝贝传染了. 哼你这个没志气的家伙. :P