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OK, I know long time no update liao.
And long time never saw me in facebook anymore too.
Well… Because I’m too lazy you see? xD
It’s been one month in Perth already.
Only one word to describe me now: 宅. haha
Everyday stay at home, go to school, only.
That’s not the main point of this post, alright.
2 days ago, there were this hailstorm at Perth!!
So damn scary…
Here are the news:
It’s crazy!
It was a peaceful day. Around 5pm, the sky suddenly turned dark.
I was in my room, playing Samurai Warriors 2 (lol), and suddenly the storm came.
Big big thunder, big big wind, and big big rain too.
But… I din notice it was a hailstorm!! I tot it was just a regular rain.
Erm… well rain in Perth isn’t regular though.
Came here whole month liao, this rain was the first rain.
Just… look at those videos in the news, 2nd link. Crazy!
We had power shortage during 5pm to 5am that night,
I got nothing to do but to lie down and sleep, but couldn’t sleep.
Next morning, on the way to campus, the road is so damn messy and dirty and wet.
Guess the ice melt, and the wind.
Many big big rubbish bins fell down, scattered along the roadside.
I even saw our house’s rubbish bin fell down in my own eyes,
I go 扶 them up de time… so damn heavy. Such heavy thing also kena wind blow fall down. pro.
Guess I’m actually very lucky,
many houses got their windows broken, and cars too.
We got our electricity back at 5am, and I heard many still haven’t got theirs back.
Even the IGA shop near my house, it was so dark inside, and the employees there can’t do their job.
Only one thing bad happened to me… that is…
Our house modem/router rosak liao… Kena lightning strike I think.
and my hp expired. Lost all communication to the outside world. lol~
Sorry baobei~ >”< Made you worried.

Anyway, I would like to share some stuff to you reader.
First, check out this website and post out your result in the comments. :P
And then watch this video.
Stop buying bottled water. >”<