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Problem with wisdom tooth

Been having this toothache for weeks.

It started like 2 weeks ago, it was just this tiny itch every now and then, it feels pretty normal when I have an ulcer, figured it will go away after a few days if I just eat healthy for some time.

But no, it got worse everyday. Until one night, it was so painful that I can’t even go to sleep. Woke up in the middle of the night, and can’t fall back to sleep because of the pain.

Took MC for the next day, and go straight to a dentist. This MC was the very first MC I took ever since I started work here. Popped my MC cherry lol. ==

Ok, doctor say it could be that ulcer, I got 2 big ones at that moment. But also could be that wisdom tooth that had already decayed pretty badly. She prescribed me for mouth wash and some painkillers, and ask me to consider extracting that decayed wisdom tooth if the pain continues.

That consultation + X-ray alone costed 100 dollars. ==

After a week of better night sleep with that pain killer, it got worsen.
Although the pain is manageable during the day, it starts to get more painful during the night. Also, it gets awfully painful when I’m having hot or cold food or drinks. It must have been that decayed tooth, because now that I start pinching or pushing it, I can feel a little stabbing pain.

My appointment for dentist is Saturday evening. Hope it goes well after that extraction.

Pocket painful too.
So costly.