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I came, I saw, I conquered.

ok, this was long time ago, history liao. :P
I won’t describe too much details, else it’ll be a very long post. lol~

First days we shop around KK town, buy supplies and equipments etc.
Went to pulau pulau, 晒到 red red shy shy haha.
One strip of yellow-ness… That’s where my watch was. haha~
I’ll be sharing some photos I took, but not all. You can find more in my multiply.
I think I’m quite good in photo shooting.
hmm… :P
Sunset gotten from the seaport after returning from pulau pulau visiting.
Oh ya, we went to pulau pulau snorkelling.
Before that, I din’t even know what is “snorkelling” lol~
Saw some fishies~ and 珊瑚. Nice to see, but don’t dare to step on them haha. :P
Maybe I not so pro at snorkelling, I even accidentally sucked some sea water thru the pipe…
damn salty yuck. >”<
Jalan jalan in KK town, we saw this Gardenia soda… = =+
I only know Gardenia bread. Never seen this before…
One day before climbing, we went to KK park, look see look see along the way.
See the peak above the cloud?? We were shocked…
At first we didn’t even notice, but after someone pointed it out, so damn shocked and impressed.
So that’s the highest peak huh~ Our target of this trip.
See the peak above the cloud?
It’s near the center of the photo.
Zoom in view below.
ok, photo sharing time~ :P
I think this could be a very nice wallpaper…
But it’s vertical though…

The mountain climbing team. Our team.

Half way climbing, we will be passing and resting in many many pondoks,
one of them…
For those who can’t really read the contents,
(I know, it’s resized and small…)
I type it out below:
Please be advice that due to dry season and current low water pressure, we experiencing water shortage for that reason.
Climbers are advise to bring their own water during the climb
We are very sorry for any inconvenience.
Thanks you for your understanding.
ok… This notice should at least post at somewhere near the beginning,
NOT during the middle of the mountain.
What if people saw this when they are “near-death”?
Yeah… “sorry for any inconvenience caused”… This is a very nice phrase to use. = =+

Mountain path…


5km mountain path.
btw, the whole mountain trip from bottom to top they estimate as 8km+
But according to an uncle we encountered during the trip,
he has a GPS with him. He said the actual reading is much further than the 8km.
So… the 5km there, we may actually climbed 8km liao.

We didn’t climb up to the peak in one day.
We climb halfway, and sleep on the mid-mountain, Raban Rata.
Damn cold, I can’t even sleep well.
Received a call from baobei in the middle of the night.
Sorry made you worried. >”<
I though I already told you my battery’s flat, and can’t sms you these days.

Next day… well, it’s 2am in the morning.
I didn’t sleep, so doesn’t have to problem of waking up.
Those KL guys dunno how they sleep so song. So damn cold… = =+
These last few kilometers are very very tough.
Dark, steep, and most challenging is the temperature.
I can’t tahan cold lar. = =+
Failed to reach the peak before sunrise… So I’ll have to watch the sunrise in the middle.
haha I’m slow.
People are climbing down, I’m still climbing up.
But at least, I managed to reach the peak~~
Although is out of schedule, 7am only reach… = =+

Going down isn’t easier than climbing up…
In fact, it’s harder, and scarier… >”<
But not as tiring though.
The top part of mt. kk.
It was damn cold before, but after sunrise there become very hot.
No grass no trees, only rocks.
One of the hardest part. We have to climb over this kind of ledge, for about 1km.
One unfortunate slip and…

ok, photo sharing time~
More on my multiply~~~

haha, finally finish posting this history… lol~