Maybank SCAM

Received this email today… (click to enlarge)
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And the sender of the mail was…
IMMEDIATLY, I knew this is a scam.
How I know?
1) It got filtered into my junk mail folder.
2) The domain of the sender, . If it is really from maybank, it should’ve been from or something.
3) It says to login to maybank online account, AND THEN login to another website. Obviously a scam to steal my password.
4) Last but not least, I do not have a maybank account. Super Lol~~~

An advice for everyone, whenever you received this kind of mail, DO NOT stupidly follow instructions. This applies for whatever account you have, can it be banking, or hotmail (common seen too), or even neopets… = =+

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  1. Hii

    oh..i tot im the only 1 recieve tis..yes obviously it is a scam.let me add sumtin:-~ they requested for my hp number, yet i already provide them during application~Suspend my account? are you kidding?~Similar to point 4, they send to this email and i didn’t provide any email to them~Called maybank and they deny on sending this email regard this kind of issue

    Mar 05, 2009 @ 11:47 am

  2. soh

    hahah….last point fucking funny..i dun have myaybank acc…i more protective,..cos i scared i i nvr online banking!!!

    Mar 06, 2009 @ 5:20 am