Donate your CPU power!

One big fact for most computer users like us:
We ARE wasting a lot of CPU power ALL the time!

With all those super powerful Intel and AMD processor coming out, how often did you fully utilize all your CPU power? One easy way to check out is to open up your task manager, look under the Performance tab. What is your current CPU usage? Mine is averagely 10% to 20% (when I’m typing these), hence, more than 80% of my CPU power are actually wasted!

There are times when you want to utilize your resources for the greater good. Most people donate their money to their favorite cause, some donate their time and energy doing voluntary works. People like us, who don’t have much money nor time to spare, can actually donate those extra underutilized CPU power! Especially those people who lets their computer idle for a long time, doing nothing when they’re away (eg: lunch time).

Want to know how? Through distributed computing~
OK, I’m not going to explain the term or the theory behind it. In summary is, you download a software, choose a project, configure the software to your preference, and let it run, that’s all. This is how you donate your extra CPU power for the project you chose.
This is the project I support~
Currently they use our computer power for
– Computing for Clean Water
– The Clean Energy Project
– Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy
– Help Fight Childhood Cancer
– Help Conquer Cancer
– Human Proteome Folding
– FightAIDS

You can also make a difference. All you need is to donate your wasted CPU time.

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