Distant Worlds – Music from Final Fantasy

Finally!!! It’s here!!!

On Aug 16, I bought a ticket and went for their concert. They are the Distant Worlds! Kinda like a Square Enix official orchestra band that plays Final Fantasy music. This is one of the rare chance they visit Malaysia! So I went ahead to buy their ticket immediately when I heard of the news. (Thanks for the share in Facebook! hehe)

Sadly, I only managed to buy their CD1. CD2 has sold out, both days.

Last resort, I Whatsapp my boss to see if he can purchase their CD2 for me from Amazon. He often buy stuff from Amazon, so I can tap only his shipping. And… after weeks and weeks of waiting, finally it arrived!

Distant Worlds Official Website

You can stream their awesome music here (Or buy digital downloads)

Or buy from Amazon
Distant Worlds – Music from Final Fantasy
Distant Worlds II – More Music from Final Fantasy