something about miri

miri is a nie place,
although it has been rainin everyday for the last few days,
we could see rainbow almost everyday.
just last week, i saw rainbow for more than 3 times already.
in the market here, they sell strange foods, especially fruits here.
you can never see these things in west malaysia,
(or at least i never seen before)
got watermelon so small, they sell RM1 for one.
fruits, especially bananas here.
haha, i can’t describe, you see for yourself…
they got big one, red one, and claw-like shape…
our campus is very far from town,
and their town here…really cant compete with jb cs…
but, once you live in here,
wow, you really can feel the…erm…how do you say…
kampung feel ba…
you dun have the mood to go out everyday,
and, not really 空虚, except sometimes nothin to do, and cant online…
our tv here got 300+ channels!!!
but…all are china channels…
ok, i think that’s all for living for now…
there are so many thing i wanted to post up here,
but…haha, i try my best.

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  1. Violet

    these banana 西马本来就有酱大条的啦==u
    只是没有orange colour and brown colour 的sahaja…. 

    Aug 02, 2007 @ 6:58 am