finally, i can online!!!
the first thing i wanna say is…
past few days, did soooo much things,
always wanted to share with you guys, but well…
it’s been a week since i last online…
the network now finally can be used,
and is very very fast now.
maybe is because not much people know the network is up now,
so…i shall…wahahahahaha for now,
sooner or later, the network will slow down…i guess…
last but not least…

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  1. soh

    great to see u blog!
    i can see u joy!that good!
    i like to go there for travel le…
    september my holiday!
    singapore always rain too…n i get sick le…
    btw…i din see rainbow as u pic!
    too beautiful!
    i like it!

    Jul 30, 2007 @ 11:42 am